Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Trafigura: An Update of Sorts or Nothing

Since my last Trafigura post of any import (if any were) two weeks ago I’ve had quite a few visitors pop over looking, I assume, for more information.  Unfortunately I have nothing extra but ….

I have re-contacted some sources but have as yet had no additional feedback.

A fellow blogger (from London) has very kindly offered to try to get for me from the High Court in London the Statement of Case for Kieran Looney. If successfully obtained this would show that Trafigura had definitely lost in their attempt to have these papers sealed from public access.

I noted whilst reading about Trafigura and Abidjan that Trafigura’s Reply in the libel proceedings against the BBC was now a public document.  A Statement from Trafigura stated:

Trafigura’s Reply in these libel proceedings reflected extensive input from the same leading, independent experts instructed by Trafigura. They included experts in pathology, obstetrics, toxicology, oil chemistry, modelling and epidemiology, all of whom expressly approved the analysis set out in the Reply, the conclusions of which have today been accepted by the BBC. The Reply is now a public document and a copy can be provided on request.”

I’m interested in reading the analysis which was expressly approved by all of the experts.  In a case as serious as the Abidjan “incident” I believe it important to read as much on both sides of the argument.  It is far too easy to be intellectually lazy and read, and therefore agree with, only the one side.  

The Reply is available through the High Court but I have tried a more direct route and have asked that a copy of the Reply be forwarded to me.  I’ll say no more about that route just in case that prejudices my chances of success.

When I have more I’ll post again.


  1. I wait with interest Calum. I envy that you can write about Trafigura without use of expletives or pejorative terms.... I couldn't!

  2. Jams

    One must rise above all that when one is an investigative reporter but you mere bloggers can let your feelings run amok. :)

    I'm either a dreamer or an old fool or, of course, both