Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Trafigura v Looney

I have been advised that there is one way to find out for certain the outcome to Trafigura’s attempt to have sealed the public documents in the above case. 

Apparently under the Civil Procedure Rules Part 5.4C(1)(a) a person not involved in any case can apply to see the Statement of Case.  In the case of Looney v Trafigura, having made application, if the documents are not available -  i.e. sealed - then we would know that Trafigura had won.  If they are available then Trafigura lost.

I am looking into how I make such an application.  I daresay that there are others who know the system and are well ahead of me in the queue.

I still await replies from Carter-Ruck – doubt one is coming – and from a few other parties.

Eventually we’ll hear.

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