Monday, 11 January 2010

Trafigura Why?

If Trafigura (and Carter-Ruck) lost their attempt to seal the court documents in the case brought against them by Kieran Looney why have the MSM not mentioned this even to gloat?

As I mentioned previously, The Times, Telegraph and Guardian all considered it important / newsworthy enough to report that the case was coming in front of Master Bowles at 14.45 on Friday 8 January but none has given the outcome.  Why?

I find it hard to believe, had Trafigura lost as a Tweet states, that none of the MSM would have reported this. 

I have no reason to doubt the Tweet but the MSM silence is confusing.

Guess I’ll have to try to get a definitive.


UPDATE @09.58:  This blog has just been visited by Carter-Ruck in Cambridge.  Wonder if I’ll be getting a letter from them?

UPDATE 2 @12.00: Now had a visit from Trafigura at 10.36. 

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