Sunday, 10 January 2010

Where’s the Cold?

A day above freezing, water dripping, snow melting albeit slowly, central heating not on and a positively balmy 6°C. 

I’ve almost forgotten about the cold.  

What was all the fuss about?

Now time to look forward to spring.


  1. "Central heating not on"... Is this wise given that you have brought up your kids to lick cold metal? (as you reported on my blog).

    It has been thawing a bit up here today too. Youngsters foolishly walking on the frozen burn told me it would not be strong enough for me, when it was clearly not even strong enough for them, as evidenced by the foot that broke through and the cry of "I'm too young to die!" a few seconds after they had delivered their wisdom to me. It's a wonder any kids survive really.

  2. It has been thawing with me and raining too! If it drops a little chilly overnight, goodness know what it will be like in the morning!

  3. The roofs are clearing a bit here, but we still have unaccustomed inches of snow on the ground. Spring feels a long way away!

  4. But first we have a new ice age.

  5. James No climate change sceptics here :)

    Andrew We are so poor that our cupboards were bare. Only metal remained. :)

    CP Hope you're like us: above freezing all night.

    Dragonstar Spring is just around the corner!