Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Worst Reflection Photo in the World

Over the years I have posted some quite good photos but today, as the title suggests, I post one of my worst. 


Yes, that is I, the fat Calum, taking a photo of the sky reflected in a trough.

Just in case there is a doubt about the receptacle being a trough here is another “disaster”.


What an idea!

What execution!

But I survived to shoot another day.


  1. Fat and Hairy Calum? Or am I misreading the ripply reflection in the water? It suggests that, contrary to previous photos I have seen, you may actually have a head on your shoulders and it may have a rather luxurious growth of hair, or a wig, on it. If so bang goes my plan to recognise you easily as the only headless man at the coffee shop :)

  2. "Fat and Hairy" like a Highland cow except for the horns, four legs, tail, hooves, ring through nose.

    Also I don't have their intelligence but you knew that already.