Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Blogging Tip

I have learned many lessons since I started blogging in 2007 but I can’t remember any of them now but there is one basic rule, with 2 variants, which even I have still to learn.

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

If you have nothing worthwhile to say, say nothing.

I flout this rule every day at the moment.  I do!

I have nothing at all to say but I say something (or nothing)in a huge number of words or pictures or videos. 

To what end? 


You’re at it again.

Will I never learn this lesson?


  1. For goodness sake, if I obeyed that rule my blog would be empty!

  2. You've been taught the wrong rules mate. I follow this one: "If you have nothing to say start talking rubbish, because that's the only stuff anyone really seems to listen to anyway."

    Have built my life around it.

  3. Well I think Liz and Andrew have summed up the best rules :-)

    I find my most interesting posts never get commented on and when I am having an off day and post some rubbish I get loads of comments...

  4. I am following this rule at the moment. I've lost my "muse" so to speak, not that I ever had one. But it is a bit of a relief to be only posting for Photo Hunt.

    No doubt I will be back on and off.

  5. jmb Glad to see you whenever.

    Liz No there's a huge difference between my nothing and yours: my nothing is much much more nothing.

    Andrew Ah but your posts do NOT follow your rule: there is always something in them.

    CP> Getting comments is great for the ego but I don't want to post rubbish but I do and so my rule is broken.