Saturday, 27 February 2010

Calum Has His Head Back On

Previously I’ve shown a few photos of myself but in beheaded form.  Tonight I go the whole hog and reveal myself head and all ….


…. but you couldn’t have expected me to play fair!

I am, as you can see, a highly-colourful character but who is virtually faceless.

Am I like that?


  1. I think you have done a bit of photo manipulation (apart from the colours) and what we are seeing is the back of your head!!!

  2. Great to see you in glorious hypercolor!

  3. CP No, you're seeing the front of my head. I did retouch to remove some facial features such as my two noses and 4 eyes!

    Jams So if we ever meet in a hyper-world you'll recognise me provided, of course, that I wear the same hyper-clothes.

  4. Stayed a bit too long out in the sun, by the look of it.

  5. Just as well I had been lying under a fence or my whole body would have been red.