Sunday, 28 February 2010

Clumsy’s Art

My artistic abilities are not even skin deep: I am as unartistic (if that’s a word) as it’s possible to be but ….. I am enjoying tweaking photos with Picasa to give simplistic hyper-coloured variants.  I should say I enjoy the outcomes, there is something that appeals to me although I can’t describe what.

I put an original and the tweaked photo below:



I’m not bothered if you like neither or even hate both. 

This may say more about the original but I prefer the 2nd version.  There’s a simplicity, a brightness but yet an uncovering of detail not seen in the original.

Guess that’s what appeals.


  1. Although the colours in the second one are a bit intense it does have a certain something!

  2. Very polite, CP. :)

    If I saw bright, garish colours elsewhere I'd be turning my head away but here ... I like it as I do the reduction in complexity.

    But then .... I know nothing!

  3. Give me my Alternative Reality Machine back!

  4. Now I know how JoLoMo gets his colour ideas :)

  5. Anonymous - or me mine!

    Thanks for visiting and for the link.