Sunday, 7 February 2010

Defeat with Honour

Last night I suspected that by now I would be suffering from PMT2 (Post-Match Trauma) having started with Pre-Match Tension.

Fortunately, I’m not.  I’m disappointed but proud.

I managed to avoid any mention of the game until a few minutes ago when I knew that it must be over.  We, Dunfermline Athletic, were beaten (2 – 4) at home to Celtic but it seems as though we did ourselves justice.

We went one down after 20 minutes but just 8 minutes later we were in front. As expected Celtic had too much for us but …..

Guess I’ll just have to wait until next year for us to win the Scottish Cup – 60 years after our first win and 53 after our last. 

Yes, I am old enough to remember.

Normal life resumes.  Now where are my golf clubs?


  1. I would say 'ditto' but Alun Wyn Jones's foolishness rather takes away the honour.

    As you say, next year ...