Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Gas Man Cometh

Our hero will arrive not on a charger but in his old and small van but still a hero – we hope -  for all that.

A couple of days ago our central heating failed: pilot light wouldn’t stay lit but, at least, we had a gas fire and some heaters.

We have become so used to warm houses.  A coal fire in one room was the norm for me as I grew up.  Every other room bitter; no electric blankets but the normal rubber hot water bottles and before that ceramic hot water bottles (pigs). 

Ach we were tough in the old days unlike the softies we breed today!

“Dad, my room’s freezing” means that the temperature has dipped below 20deg C.  Poor wee souls.  “Put on a jersey” is derided as inappropriate.

Today our gas fire decided to play hard to get and make lighting very iffy but still the house is warm enough … for me, at least.  For the the rest – bloody cold.

Will we survive until our hero arrives?   Yes!

Will there be moaning before he arrives?  Yes!

Did our hero succeed in putting our lives back together again?

I’ll let you know.

Is he hero or villain?

1 comment:

  1. Getting soft happens so easily! From an open fire and loads of draughts to central heating + piped hot water is a huge leap, but it took no effort at all!