Monday, 1 February 2010

Irresistible Blog?

Just a few days after I asked Trafigura for two documents (see here) this blog has been visited by Macfarlanes whom I believe are solicitors for Trafigura.

I’m sure they found my blog simply irresistible: that’ll be why they came around today …..  and read only posts about  ….. Trafigura.

After their visit I had a wee nose about their site.  Of interest is this little snippet.  The page containing examples of their recent work shows that they advised on the takeover of Ottakars by HMV.

As far as I can see this takeover took place in mid-2006.


Also there is a little spelling error there too. They say that the potential takeover created more “compliants” than any other case.  Just a little error on a website but it’s the impression that creates!

Me thinks that someone at Macfarlanes might get a job at Dunfermline Athletic.  Could be a fight between Carter-Ruck in Cambridge and Macfarlanes for that new role.

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