Saturday, 20 February 2010

It’s Saturday at 5 …..

….. and so despair must be in the air!

Another defeat.  Not that I was there.  Lost the habit more than 20 years ago after 30+ years as a regular but the team is still very dear to me.

My team is known but is irrelevant here.  Thousands are in the same position.  The heart – well certainly not the head  - rules here. 

Decades without real success  - more than 40 years - although I was around then but still we hope.  If we can just win all our games to the end of the season then …. NO!  Life is not like this. 

Dream no more! 

So obvious but yet …. we dream on. 

Week in, week out, season in ….. but apart from the odd wee hiccup of mini-success we remain struggling.

Each week as the scores come through…. victory and then keep it going and the dream is on but loss and then despair for a while …. but the hope is never extinguished.


Never will be!

Next Saturday and the next and the next; the same play; the same dream; the same ending.

There is no escape.

We don’t want to escape.

We’re in love!

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