Saturday, 6 February 2010

John Terry’s Love Child – A Nonsense Tale

I am so angry!!!!

I have just read in The Times that John Terry has paid Vanessa Perroncel £750,000 to buy her silence!

Christ, I had John Terry’s love, well not “love” but “back of his car sex”, child and he never offered me money for my silence.

That’s it!

My story is up for grabs!  I can see the £ signs rolling already.

Max Clifford, where are you?


Just in case any of my readers are blind drunk, I need to say that I have never met Mr Terry, I have no wish to meet him and, as far as I am aware, I am physically unable to bear a child of any type.

As for “back of the car” sex I must admit that I have never been fortunate enough to experience this with any female nor unfortunate enough to experience it with any male.

Here endeth my confessions unless someone pays me to make another one up!

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