Sunday, 21 February 2010

Long Way to Golf’s Big Match

My first steps to golf’s big match – with Andrew -  were taken this afternoon!

My golf-bag and clubs saw the light of day for the first time in more than a decade. After a mini-protest and a short time “acclimatising” to the winter’s sun they were fine.

They looked exactly as they did when last I saw them: old, no rust and no dry rot.  This is much more than could be said about me!  Enough said.

The bigger body and extra years did not prevent my completing successfully my first  - few - golf swings since my shoulder injuries.

A step. A small step. 

I will be ready – sometime – this year for my certain defeat.


  1. I hope your training bears fruit. I will be in line to buy a ticket for this celbrity golf deathmmatch!

  2. I might be coming up your way this week.

  3. Jams Believe me, tickets will NOT be hard to get.

    James Relaxing, business or politics business ? You don't have to answer.

  4. Well done Calum, but in all seriousness, it was only an idea, to be forgotten should golf prove uninviting to you. (Yep, I'm running scared :)

  5. Andrew

    Golf is uninviting but beating you is not! :)

    Seriously, I'm delighted to have the chance to take my clubs out.

  6. Oh well, I'll just have to take my beating like a man. I look forward to it (when we get a wee bit sunshine and warmth).