Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More Moon Pictures

In early January I posted an old Moon picture and here are some new ones taken this morning.




In each you can just make out the dark outline of the Pentland hills.  Within a few minutes the sky had lightened but cloud hid what would have been much better photos.


  1. Google might send some unwelcome visitors to you with your "Moon" pictures heading. I once was using my data projector in a chemistry class, linked live to the internet, when we decided to research a student's spontaneous query about the spectrum of light at the full moon. Oh how I wish the image results filter had been set at "strict" (and how much the students laughed that it wasn't). Quite disturbing what pictures come up at the top of an innocent Google search sometimes. Fortunately the Principal was not informed.

  2. A quick check on that search and the top hits are safe.

    I did make a mistake once and I now get visits from people searching for babes in Indonesia.

    We live and learn.

    Easy way to push visitor stats up.

  3. Good to get the complete picture.

  4. Truly enjoyable (past and now) moon photos. Thanks!

  5. I only seem to get pictures of the moon early in the morning or mid afternoon.