Monday, 1 February 2010

No Boob-Job for Me …..

…. or should I call it moob-job.

According to the BBC, “Breast reduction for men is the fastest growing part of the cosmetic surgery industry for the second year running” although the numbers are still tiny (581 last year compared with 323 the year before).

Let me confirm that I have absolutely no intention of getting a moob-job – reduction or increase.  Now removing fat from my worst area that’s another matter altogether.


I used this photograph a few weeks ago but I’m sure you can see that should decide to I tackle this bulge it is not liposuction I need but “hipposuction”.

Well, should I go for it or it or not?


  1. I am removing my excess baggage by ways of a diet. A bit less traumatic, as long as I stick with it!

  2. You'll be back to normal pretty quickly after the baby is delivered Calum, so I wouldn't worry too much meantime.

  3. Can't be that, Andrew, the pregnancy would have been too long. I'm still that size.

    You don't think I'm giving birth to a block of concrete do you?

    Or an alien?

    Perhaps the good doctor will be able to advise when we meet.

  4. Take a diet program and see if its works to you, if not consider liposuction.

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  5. Thanks for revealing the facts here. It will be helpful to so many people out there