Saturday, 6 February 2010


On Thursday, Liz wrote about having PMT -  Pre-Match Tension – with today’s (Saturday’s) 6 Nations rugby union international between England and her beloved Wales. 

She is not alone but, at least, she’ll know the result of her match on Saturday evening and she’ll be either ecstatic or suffering from PMT2 – Post-Match Trauma. 

I, however, must wait until Sunday!  My PMT has kicked in although there is much less chance of my being ecstatic after the game.  We are the underdogs!  A massive surprise if we win. 

Almost certainly I will end up suffering from PMT2 along with a few thousand more.  Not a whole nation as you might have thought because the object of my tension is not Scotland’s rugby union team but Dunfermline Athletic Football Club who, on Sunday, play Celtic at home in the 5th Round of the Scottish Cup.

I have already blogged a few times about the convoluted route taking by my beloved Pars to reach this stage but we should have very little chance against Celtic who have spent several million pounds in the recently closed transfer window and have Robbie Keane (and his £68k per week wages) on loan.  His wages alone will be several times more than the total weekly wage bill at East End Park.

Will I go to the match?  No!  Much too expensive

Will I watch or listen to the match?  No!  PMT will be transformed into AMT (Actual Match Tension)

Can we win?  Yes!

Will we win?   No!

The certain suffering from Post-Match Trauma is all I have to look forward to.

Hopefully Liz will still be on a high when my suffering drags on into Sunday afternoon and evening.

Come on ye Pars!


  1. Sadly Liz is suffering still from PMT - Post Match Trestesse. I hope that after tomorrow you weill not feel empathy with Stirling Albion fans.. 9-0 to Ross County!

  2. Dunfermline Athletic? Something not quite right about that name (as I have mentioned before). The pies are meant to be for the spectators lads...