Monday, 8 February 2010

Pretty Colours ….. But …..

On Saturday I was giving the ‘fridge its yearly – I underestimate – empty, clean and wash!!! and I found a container of rather old tofu.


Apart from the pretty colours the “tofu” smelled of paraffin.

I wonder if our tame scientist Andrew can tell me which moulds are causing the colours.

Andrew, do you want to come round for a coffee or do you think we should continue to meet in cafes?


  1. Now that has put me off my dinner!!!

  2. The good Doctor Ruth (aka Anonymous when she wants to be rude) is the microbiological mould specialist actually. I'll advise her to have a look. I wonder if you may find an old sandwich in your golf bag too?

  3. Be careful by throwing it out you may destroy at least one civilisation of sentient beings!

  4. As long as you don't discover old forgotten socks...

  5. However.... I have eagerly bitten into French blue/orange cheeses that look even worse, but taste lovely. Go on Calum, enjoy yourself man! (Note to the executors of the estate of the late Calum Carr: I was joking. Of course he should not have eaten it)

  6. Andrew - From then on, if I were Calum, I would watch you closely, whenever I would be having a café with you, or eating any old sandwich you would offer. Do you fear him that much as a golf partner?

  7. Prompted by Andrew, I had to have a look at this.....yuuuuukkkkk!
    Would need a much close look to make any kind of identification, but it does look impressive.
    I have seen reports of spoilage of milk/yoghurt type products having a paraffin-type smell...possibly a Pseudomonas spp?

  8. P.S. if you do happen to injest any....try this as an antidote:

  9. I ate it and I am now ..... aaagh!

  10. Ruth

    Thanks for the advice.

    I rushed out and got an emergency prescription of Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin.

    It's brilliant. Now I've only got one breast, my piles are cleared up, my intelligence has quadrupled to 4 grey cells and my weight has dropped by 25%.

    The side effects: I'm typing this from the toilet seat. Think I might die here.

    Magic video!

  11. Oh it's very pretty!

    I'm just trying to catch up: you are in full flow mode at the moment, aren't you?