Friday, 5 February 2010


I learned a new word this morning or rather I found a new (to me) usage of a common word.

A desktop gadget took me to MSN weather for Edinburgh and today I saw this.


Sprinkles” I had never heard used in connection with the weather:  “light rain”, “light showers” or “drizzle” but never “sprinkles”.

What a lovely word to describe the rain!

A quick look showed this to be in common usage (especially in the States):



“Sprinkles”, I’ll definitely use you again.


  1. So it's raining Hundreds and Thousands??? I will have to move to Embra!

  2. I'm very familiar with sprinkles living in Arizona. Often we get a 90% chance of rain and end up with barely sprinkles.

  3. Never seen this word associated with the weather before. It's fun! I wonder if I can say that all we had in Toronto this winter is a sprinkle of snow. What the weatherman usually tells us is: "chance of flurries." I never knew why he uses the word chance. But then I see that it's also used in Arizona with rain.