Thursday, 4 February 2010

Strange Man

I met a strange man today, very, very strange.  :) 

I had only ever met him electronically through our blogs and by email but I wasn’t ready for the sight that greeted me.  “Greeted” probably isn’t the most appropriate word but …. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I first met Andrew Scott through his blog and a very enjoyable read it is too: you should visit.  

I had no idea what kind of person I would find: this recent exchange of comments had me worried,

Andrew Scott said...
Looks like the car of the daft b****r who smacked into my car in a car park in Edinburgh and drove off before I could get the reg. number :)???? Is that the right answer?


CalumCarr said...
I don't know if it was your car but I did smash into a car of some tall stupid guy who had a big piece of concrete up his arse.

Is that you? :)


Andrew Scott said...
Don't think so Calum - I think I would have remembered the concrete.


CalumCarr said...

It must have been you: your avatar has a big piece of concrete up his ?


Andrew Scott said...
Now let's be logical Calum. Would I have been able to drive to Edinburgh if your interpretation was correct?” …..

Finally an anonymous commenter said,

“Makes a change from him having his head up it! :D”


I have to admit.  I was wrong, totally wrong.  He did not have concrete up his arse.  Of that I am definite.  Where his head was I don’t know but ….

-   I never saw his head

-   he drank his coffee through a very very long straw

-   his speech was very garbled

-   he had a torso, or at least I think it was a torso, with arms and legs at funny angles.

As I said earlier, “A strange man!”


For all that though he was a nice man.  I don’t know if we’ll meet up again because he may well have found me to be a very, very strange man; too strange to bother with again.

Thanks Andrew


  1. always nice to meet our blogging friends in real life :-)

  2. Speak for yourself Sally... I thought it was awful...

    OK, I'm only joking, Calum's a nice chap. So now I am one of the, presumably, few visitors to his blog to have seen what Calum's face looks like, and on that... well... probably best just to maintain a discreet silence :) Glad to see Calum put up the photo of me sitting on my concrete throne as I messed mine up a few days ago trying to adjust the resolution to give everyone a better view of my rugged good looks. Oh, come to think of it, maybe it's not really messed up but just the way I look :( I may reinstate it when I get the time.

  3. Andrew

    You are the only blogger to have seen my face. Deliberate policy for the very reason you allude to. It is difficult enough to be judged by my blog but far far worse to be judged by my physog.

    Each of us has a burden to bear and I am just keeping my head above water.

    Mind you submerged in water is a much nicer fate than .... No I can't go there. :)

  4. I'm glad you and Andrew got to meet. I must visit his blog more often

  5. And I yours Jams. You'll be very welcome round at my one but be warned it should possibly come with a health warning. People have been known to go straight into therapy after an encounter with what goes on in my head :)

  6. You're all (Andrew, Calum and Jams) very nice fellows but also a little strange (I think)! But then, what do I know? I live across the ocean. Another species!
    If you ever feel like visiting an old lady, you and yours', I'll be happy to serve you French wine and cheese. Canadian cheese, of course, celebrated in the McEntyre's poems Jams brings to us now and again. It's worth the trip.

    All the best! Cheers!

  7. Claudia

    Thank you.

    You've got Andrew and me nailed. We are very nice and, I think, doing an online version of rutting.

    Don't know if Jams is strange though!

  8. I should have explained! You are all strange in a nice and unique way. With Jams, it's what I discover in his posts, that I would never see anywhere else. Jams has a great way of presenting fascinating facts about our world. He also always defends the oppressed and the disadvantaged people. I truly admire that.

    As for you and Andrew, both, I like your exchanges, your sense of humour, and your pertinent observations about life's ups-and-downs.


  9. Claudia

    I need to correct you.:)

    Andrew and I are strange in a big way, Andrew more than me I must say but seriously strange!

  10. Really? This is getting exciting! I intend to watch you both closely from now on. Hope you plan to meet again. Can hardly wait for further reports. Cheers!

  11. Well thank goodness I am "strange". Given what most of humanity gets up to I'm not sure I could bear being "normal" :) [BTW Calum, I'm doing this via Linux and Firefox and it seems to be working now, which is also strange]

  12. I'm finding this very confusing! I have to confess to knowing Andrew (professionally, not biblically, in case anyone was wondering) and although he can be quite strange at times, I have met many stranger individuals ;-)
    I have also never seen him drink coffee through a straw (actually I thought he only drank tea)
    Care to enlighten me Calum?

  13. I thought you were sharper than that Ruth. Calum's reference to the straw and to not seeing my face was a witty link back to the comment a certain "Anonymous" put on his blog recently about my head being up my ass. I wonder who that "Anonymous" was, eh? Tis all a mystery

  14. Andrew

    I do like a mystery!

    Do you think you know who this "Anonymous" commenter was?

    Any clues, Andrew?

  15. Well Calum, a lady, a true lady anyway, would surely never use language like that, would she? Especially not a lady who knows me. What do you think Ruth? Can we assume it must have been a coarse and unkind man? Is there an emoticon to express blushing and hanging your head in shame (just in case you should ever need such a thing)?

  16. I'm not quite as slow of wit as you seem to think Andrew...that was my pitiful attempt at humour. And as for the anonymous comment...I confess to that one but not to most of the others you try to pin on me ;-)
    (sorry for hi-jacking your blog calum)

  17. Right. Every rude Anonymous comment on the internet, anywhere, from now on, blame it on Ruth! :) That's what happens when you have a previous conviction lady! But actually I quite like Anonymous comments. And yes, I suppose we should give Calum his blog back now. [BTW again Calum, I delayed my trip out to download and try Google Chrome and it has solved my problems accessing you via Linux, so it was a Firefox issue. The Scientific Method triumphs again]

  18. Ruth,

    No probs.

    Happy to have you pass through and linger.