Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee with My Early 60’s Music

This morning I make no concessions to those in love nor do I even tell the truth in the title.  Every track bar one was from my brother’s collection.

These aren’t my all-time favourites from the era but they are all on my Spotify Oldies playlist (ca 300 tracks).  Most were released in the UK on the London label, one on EMI and one on MGM.  I’m uncertain about two only.

Our first record player was a Bush multi-changer and our first record, bought by our parents, was “Little Donkey” by Nina and Frederick.  Don’t worry I’m not going to play this.  Frederick was a Danish baron who, after separating from Nina, became involved with and, in all probability, was killed by organised crime.

Come on, Calum!  We want music!

OK!  First up is Connie Francis.  Please feel free to skip about – the vids not dance -  but then if you wish please do this too.

Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool  -   Connie Francis

Every video is incredibly dated as is Miss Francis. Please ignore the first 18secs and the last 25: the uploader went crazy! 

In late January I played another of her songs, “Lipstick on Your Collar” as advice for John Terry.

Connie released on the MGM label and I’m sure the 45 cover was bright yellow with some sort of design.


You’re Sixteen  -   Johnny Burnette

Embarrassingly, I must admit I that I have always liked this.  The video sounds much better than Johnny Burnette looks.

God, this music is 50 years old.  I must be 51 then.

Runaway  -   Del Shannon

Del was great! And I love this too!?  Am I giving too much away here?


Hello Mary Lou  -    Rick(y) Nelson

I think in later years he dropped the “y”.

The “B” side of this  - “Travellin’ Man”  - was also a favourite.


Peggy Sue  -  Buddy Holly

This we didn’t have as a single but was on an LP.  Elvis wasn’t the King, Buddy was!

This video, from 1957, is a must if only to see the introduction!  Wild!

We can only go down after this but my coffee isn’t finished yet.


Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker

I bought this one!  I had poor taste then unlike now!  If my ageing memory serves me this was released on the EMI label.

Twist it, Chubby!

I remember this being played at a primary school party and, even in these days, I was far too self-conscious to dance.  Some things never change.


Take Good Care of My Baby  -  Bobby Vee

No original film of this.

I’d forgotten how ingrained these songs are.  All the notes, if I could sing, all the words known instantly.

My short walk down a long memory lane is almost over: just two more tracks.


Sealed With a Kiss  - Brian Hyland

Enjoy, don’t laugh at, the dancing.


I was far too young to have anything sealed with a kiss …. except that time behind the ……  Calum, too much!


Poetry in Motion  -  Johnny Tillotson

There is no old video with this song which shouldn’t really be in this list because we never had this but my cousins did and so I’m counting it anyway.

You’ll note that Johnny has his own way of pronouncing some words.

Motion = mo – shuunn

Ocean = o – shuunn

See how many you can find.


That’s it.  Another show finished.  Next week we’ll get back, I think, to a single performer.  I hope you have enjoyed my walk backwards in time.  I did but then each song had its own memories.

Well, that’s it for another week.  Tune in again next week and thanks for listening.


  1. Conny Francis and Del Shannon - you're really pulling out all stops today, Calum. Tillotson I didn't know.

  2. No stops, James, only memories.

  3. Even I can remember most of those!

  4. CP Clearly the first you heard of these songs was on their 2nd or 3rd tour.

  5. Oh yes, I could sing along all the words too!