Friday, 19 February 2010

Sunset Tonight

Below are photos taken just 25 min ago from our bedroom window.  I’ve posted them all in the order in which they were taken and with no enhancement other than cropping.

P1020902 P1020903 P1020904 P1020905 P1020906 P1020907 P1020908 P1020909 P1020910 P1020911


I prefer the first: the others are too close.  Which, if any, are yours?


  1. The first is beautiful, but I love the patterns and the rich colours in the second.
    They're all so lovely.

  2. I was lucky to catch this. Mrs Carr noticed the lovely sunset and I put aside what I was doing - mug of coffee - and raced upstairs to snap away.

    Just lucky!

  3. I do like the first one, very dramatic.

    I like the third one too. But I have to confess to wanting to tweak the light levels to bring out the clouds a bit more.

  4. Love the series of shots. Real winter feel.

  5. CP I felt like tweaking some of them but ... didn't feel right

    Colin Thanks!

  6. Spectacular. Many thanks. I needed beauty.

  7. The pleasure's mine, Claudia.

    Dragonstar, James Thanks. Sorry that it took me so long to get back to you.

  8. Lovely shots. Really like the composition with the bare tree.

    Isn't digital photography great.....when we had to have them all printed we wouldn't just snap away like we do now.

  9. Re the composition. I had no option: from the bedroom window the only shot I had was through the tree.