Monday, 8 February 2010

Teaser: Find the Link Again

In September 2008 I posted this.

A virtually impossible teaser.

What links:

•   snowboarding (in garden)
•   mattress
•   circus workshop

Any thoughts can be left here.

The answer will be revealed in due course but, certainly not today (24 September) or tomorrow.

The answer was never revealed. 

Are there any more ideas now?


  1. It still sounds complicated to me!!!

  2. PS: Please stop teasing and tell us the answer!

  3. Oh that is just SO easy peasy. All three of them featured in a teaser post on Calum Carr's blog one September long ago. What have I won?

  4. A piece of mouldy tofu.

    Shall I deliver it to your village or keep it until we play golf?

  5. Is the answer: Tied with a red ribbon?

    Well...I tried!