Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Thank You, Calum ….

…. would have been nice but it was too much to expect.  Two days ago I posted about Macfarlanes, solicitors for Trafigura, and a couple of snippets about their own website.

I said this:

“After their visit [to my blog] I had a wee nose about their site.  Of interest is this little snippet.  The page containing examples of their recent work shows that they advised on the takeover of Ottakars by HMV.

As far as I can see this takeover took place in mid-2006.


Also there is a little spelling error there too. They say that the potential takeover created more “compliants” than any other case.  Just a little error on a website but it’s the impression that creates!”

Today I find that the page previously titled “Our Recent Work” has been changed to “Our Work” and that the spelling mistake “compliants” has been corrected to “complaints”.  I was going to show screen-grabs but I don’t want to risk infringing their rights.

It is heart-warming to know that a big important company is paying such attention to the ramblings of this little blog.

A “thank you” would have been nice but not really necessary.  Instead of this, I am prepared to accept a deal which would have me vet their website (and those of other companies) for errors!

Must be a nice little earner.  I might get  …. even £5 per site!

I’ll be RICH!

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