Monday, 8 February 2010

Tomorrow, Yesterday, Where is Today?

In reply to my incredibly short post – title only - “Is It Tomorrow Yet?”, Andrew Scott said,

“I think you will find it never is tomorrow, no matter how long you wait, it will always just be "today".

And it is never yesterday either, by the way.

Today is all you've ever had, and all you ever will have.”

Thanks, Andrew.

I know all this but ….. sometimes / often I need to be reminded.

Thanks again.

I looked up my old writings to find that this was the first of my writings in 1991.  It’s not as succinct as Andrew’s words but it’s what I have.  I may have posted this before but, hey, who cares?


Where is yesterday when today is here?
Far away or very near
For me it's near, so very near
The future too is here
Tomorrow, yesterday, where is today?
Now the question's right
Where is the day when it's night?

Sometimes I see today
A second here, a minute there
But yesterday and tomorrow are always here
They're here now but not when they were today

Why, why, why not today?
Why yesterday and tomorrow always?
Only a little will do for now
Today, today, today

Where, why, when and how?


The words below I KNOW I have posted more than once but they too are relevant.

THE  SCARLET  DAY                  

We see it here
We see it there
We see tomorrow everywhere


Whilst I’m in ‘showing off my writing’ mode, here’s one more,


I don't like me
Most of the time
I don't like me
I don't like me
Why? why? why?

I want to be better
Than I think I am
Not be shy, quiet and self-conscious
Be something else
Anything better is fine

But  -  I use many "but"s
Suggests I'm not sure
Of the words or the meaning
Of what I must say

Unsure, unsure
I'm certain of this
I'm certain of one thing
I'm not certain at all

I've cleverly left me
Some verses behind
I still don't like me
Much  -  most of the time

But  -  not once again
Smile at life  -  yes! smile, smile
It's worth it
The world looks much better
From my eyes
For a smile  -  a real smile
The darkness denies

My writing is rambling
There's nowhere to go
I'm writing and rambling
Going nowhere

But here is the answer
There is nowhere to go
But here within me

The road to nowhere
No Crosby or Hope
Is the road to everywhere
To love and to hope

Of a life that is living
Away from the fear
Of living with failure
And death

So follow the road
That goes everywhere
The path that goes inward
And outward to God


I have perked up significantly.  No! I am absolutely fine, normal. 

I don’t feel as I did when I wrote these green words so many years ago now.  I have posted them tonight either because there is some relevance in them or I was just showing off or just showing myself up.

PS I know you can’t have “either”, “or” and “or” but I have!


  1. I like your "show-off" poems. Much wisdom...

    Andrew had a post along those lines (Jan9-2009) "How long and What to take."

    You travel light when you discard yesterday and there is no tomorrow.

  2. Claudia Thanks for pointing me to Andrew's post.

    I enjoyed.

  3. "I don't like me".... said Calum.

    Well I quite like you (although I've only met you once so I suppose things could easily take a turn for the worse...)

  4. Much worse or better, Andrew!

    I'm only checking you out for a lovely girl in her 30s. Sorry, from the 30s.

    Your being groomed for someone who appreciates your looks. It's her birthday soon. 88th! Your lucky day!
    [I know you'll say the age doesn't tally with the era but she was a teenager in the 30s]

    O, by the way she doesn't see too well. :)