Saturday, 6 February 2010

Trafigura Documents Request – Nothing Update

I continue to be surprised: neither of the reports I requested,

- WSP environmental audit in and around Abidjan
- Trafigura Reply in BBC libel case

has been sent to me  …. yet.

[For background see here and here]

I’m sure this situation won’t continue because there can be nothing in either document which would reflect adversely on Trafigura: both are “advertised” on their site.  They wouldn’t have done this without being absolutely certain, in advance, that there were no hidden rocks within. 

These documents could only reflect well on Trafigura.

Why then was there not a very quick turn-around from my requests to email transmission of the documents?

There will be a simple and straightforward explanation and soon there will be an email winging its way to me with the papers attached.

I’ll let you know next week when they arrive.


  1. Maybe it would help jog them if you publish the email address here? Apologies if you have already done this elsewhere.
    Keep on keeping on

  2. Thanks. I have a few things in mind