Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Trafigura Documents: Still Nothing Update

Despite my recent continued optimism that Trafigura would release two documents, each of which they stated was available, my doubts are increasing.

There CAN be nothing in these documents which would warrant their non-issuing: Trafigura have said they are available.

Why were they not sent by return?

Why have I not received them?

Clearly there must be a problem.

Why have Trafigura not told me what issues there are?

I can’t begin to answer these questions, only Trafigura and Bell-Pottinger, who act for Trafigura on public relations matters, can.

Trafigura, this starts to reflect badly on you. A small blogger makes a simple request based on your own statements and nothing happens.

Surely this must be a mistake which could be rectified by top management if only I could reach them but I can’t get an email address for top management.

Bell-Pottinger this starts to reflect badly on you too.  Either your advice is not to send me the papers – reflects badly on you and your client – or you advised that they send the papers to me in which case they have ignored your sensible advice – reflects badly on your client.  I suppose there is another option: I am too small and insignificant to bother about.  That would reflect badly on both companies.

Surely I’ll get a reply to my latest email, sent yesterday, to both Trafigura and Bell-Pottinger.

Now which hat am I wearing today? Optimistic or doubtful.

Which do you think I should wear?

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  1. Bell-Pottinger! Hahaha! A human with a name like that should be a court jester.