Friday, 19 February 2010

Trafigura: The Gnat Might Bite!

I must be strange!  Imagine wanting Trafigura – a mere commodities trader albeit a bloody big one – to speak to me but I do.  Not that I’m in love with them – HA!  - but there’s little worse than being ignored and they are ignoring me. 

Not only did they not engage in dialogue about two documents I had asked them to forward to me (Here is a good place to start) but so far they have not replied nor even acknowledged a message on a separate issue.

I’m planning to write another post next week based around ……  Och, just read this extract from my email to them and to Bell-Pottinger their PR agency.

“Next week (w/b 21 February) I will publish a blog post here which is based entirely on the content and conclusions in 5 articles ......

All 5 articles have been available online for sometime and, so, I imagine that Trafigura is unconcerned about my repeating statements made within these articles.  Can you confirm that this is so?  Also do you have any comments to make on the content of any or all of these articles which you want me consider including in my post?

Should you not get back in touch with me before I post I will assume that you have no concerns about my repeating any statement in these articles and that Trafigura has no comment of its own to make.”

Clearly I don’t want to feel the might of their, or anyone else’s,  legal fist crashing down on me hence my precautions but if they ignore me there is little else I can do but post.

Come on, Trafigura!  I know I’m an insignificant gnat in terms of the mighty deals you do, your mighty revenues and the lovely profits you make.  I might even be an insignificant gnat in terms of … well …  anything …… but each of us is worthy of respect.

Come on, Trafigura, stop ignoring me!

Come on, Trafigura, start speaking with me!

Come on, Trafigura, just press a few letters on your keyboard.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?  

Come on, Trafigura, speak!

I know you must speak to lots of people.

Why not me, Trafigura?

Trafigura, this insignificant gnat, or some other insignificant gnat, might just land lucky and bite you on the bum.

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