Thursday, 18 February 2010

Truth and Fantasy: Dog and …..

I may have shown this pic before – I don’t know - but, regardless, here it is.

Calum, if Calum it be, is quite a bit shorter than today but the overall shape is still the same and he doesn’t have the excuse now of a nappy bulking out his frame.

Dog and .....

The dog, clearly long long gone by now, was Barney an Irish setter.

Calum is still an unknown quantity to me, the writer behind the name.  I never know what adventures he’ll meet until I’ve written them.

Truth and fantasy but where is the boundary?


  1. The knees might win a competition. Not sure about the rest. You were upstaged by Barnie though - a classy dog. Nice to see a picture from the happy and simpler world in the days before Andrew Scott was created. Things went downhill pretty fast, after that, it seems. By the way, that may be Barnie on the left but it's not Calum on the right, although it probably is you. Truth and fantasy eh?

  2. Oh, it's not even Barnie, it's Barney.

  3. Andrew

    Will you write that again in English which normal people will understand?

    Normally you and I lose Claudia but here you've lost me too. :)

  4. If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog it is probably a dog. But a creature who calls itself Calum Carr could just as easily be Betty Buss.

  5. God "Not Calum" you're so dim you'll be back in nappies again sooner than I thought :)

    (Good-natured antler clashing Claudia, just good-natured antler clashing)

  6. Clear as mud, Andrew, clear as mud.

    I hope your books and lectures are better than this.

    Rather than clarifying you are mystifying!


  7. Well I thought I understood Andrew's comment until he tried to clarify it.

    Maybe I should post some of my old pics. I have some in readiness which have so far not been shared with the world.

  8. Nice dog, cute kid. I don't try to understand anymore. Just follow the flow. Catch one word or two when I can.

    Please, CherryPie. Put some childhood photos. It's always interesting to see what our friends were before they became what they are.

  9. Do you still tuck your jumper in your trousers?

  10. Liz, you said, "Do you still tuck your jumper in your trousers?"

    No! I have someone do that for me.