Saturday, 13 February 2010

What to Do?

I’ve reached a turning point!

I don’t know what to do!

I must do something …. but what?

If only I was in charge of my life  - just a bit more – and not at the mercy of  …. whatever I would know what to do.

Turning point?  No!  This is a crisis!


Let me explain where I am.

Just yesterday I finished my series of “shoulder” posts and now I’m …. empty.

There’s nothing left.  Nothing at all.

All the funny stories  - and there were only a few - from my 60 years all now published here over the last 3 years. 

How am I going to find blog posts?

In an emergency, tell a funny (hopefully) story but now  …. none.

And it gets even worse!

My normal fallback was a photo post but I’ve use all I can from my digital pics.  None left.  No more photo posts unless I can capture some good pics in the next few days or else find, plough through all my old printed photos, scan them, clean them and then post. 

But that’s far too much effort for you, my readers!

I’m stuck.  Absolutely stuck!

Help ……..


  1. I have an idea. Make stuff up based on massive exaggerations of actual events - thats what I do!

  2. ...or just make stuff up that bears no resemblance to actual events - that's what the tabloids do ;-)

  3. Ruth, you should know me better than this already. I only tell the truth especially about Dr Scott.

  4. True...but maybe it's time to diversify?

  5. Ruth, you're too bright to think my blog is always truth. The trick is to know which is which. :)

  6. Calum, don't overestimate how bright Ruth is. I work with her. It is true that she does have a doctorate too, but not in chemistry remember. She recently admitted to me that her own tennage son has started questioning this issue by shaking his head and asking "How did you ever get a PhD Mum?" Now ask yourself, if she was that bright would she have given out this ammunition to me so freely?

    Next, in answer to "What to do?" I'd say have a rest and wait for more funny stuff to happen, and trust me, it will, just as soon as you start to swing the golf clubs again. Funny for us, that is, perhaps not for you.

  7. Andrew, leave Ruth alone! Do I detect jealousy here that Ruth is much much much younger than you, much much better looking than you - but then I am too - and brighter too?

    Re golf. If tomorrow is dry I think I'll open up my golf bag, check my clubs for rust and dry rot and think about swinging one or two.

    Memory Jogger Calum, take the clubs outside before swinging them.

  8. We look forward to the first report of your rediscovery of golf Calum. There could easily be a book in this mate - people write books about much less. Think of Katie Price (aka Jordan)... oh no, don't think of Jordan, you're too old for that. Anyway, I am sure we are all waiting eagerly to hear how your weekend of wild swinging goes (with the golf clubs Calum... the golf clubs).

  9. I suppose you're right, Andrew.Tomorrow I could be posting that I am a bigger tit than Jordan!

    Sorry! Not up to standard!

    If there is an injury I could be late posting because I'd need to type with my left hand only.

  10. Mut I have already. I never did dislocate my shoulder: only skint my knee once.

    Was my story convincing?

  11. Well I can be no help since I have hit a dry spell lately. Even forgot to celebrate my three year blog anniversary.

  12. Thank you Calum, I'm glad to see that chivalry is not dead :)

  13. Ruth, dying but not quite dead!

  14. Splendid - it was indeed convincing - now you just need to add in mythical beings, imaginary creatures and drunkeness..