Thursday, 4 March 2010

Attacked – Saved by Plastic

Attacked in my own home - that was my terrifying fate today. 

That I am writing this post shows I was not seriously injured but only a flimsy piece of plastic, yes plastic, saved me from injury!

I was in the kitchen this afternoon, the spin-drier was on and peace was broken only by the spinner’s drum whizzing round at high speed.

I was listening to the radio, a mug of steaming coffee on the worktop, when all hell broke loose - an almighty crashing, thumping hellish din - and the spin drier started to jump out its cupboard and run across the floor. 

All the while the crashing continued: I started to run away when I saw the plastic lid and cover being driven off the metal body by the spinning, but loose, drum.  Only its plastic lid saved me from the wild drum.

Switch the bloody thing off! 

Finally I could act sensibly and I did, neatly side-stepping the rocking drier. Once the power was off, the spin-drier calmed down quickly and stood battered from within but unbowed.

A few quick turns from a screwdriver revealed fatal damage: the spin-drier having attacked me was dead.


  1. You dodged a bullet there Calum. I hope the replacement wont be too expensive

  2. That sounds rather alarming!

  3. Just another day in the life of the Carr family!

  4. Hope you didn't spill the coffee though :) By the way, your blog has completely stopped me entering on my Linux system now - I tried to comment earlier but whether with Explorer or Google Chrome it just froze as the stat-counter thingy started up and I had to manually power down to get control of my computer back. Am on the Windows one now and it seems ok, but I don't use it routinely.

  5. Andrew I haven't changed anything. I could change my stats counter but am reluctant to do so but will think about.

  6. You have to watch these bloody machines. Mine jumps about a bit too but usually stays in its bay.

  7. A soin drier with dalek ambition.

  8. You know that it's the way the machines will take over the world...

  9. I put dead spin drier at front door ready for me to take to the recycling point this morning but then, only about an hour later the doorbell rang and a man and a van offered to take it away. Off it went!

    No doubt he planned to make some money on it but was only a hassle to me.