Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Busy Today

Busy in two senses: firstly I have been busy buying bits and bobs and  organising elder child who’s going off for a few days. We’re still not finished and probably won’t be until it’s time to walk out the door tomorrow morning.  I’m sure the time away will be enjoyable though.

Also my blog has been busy today – much busier than normal – and I’ve Traf .. etc to thank for this.  I don’t want to use their full name because some bloggers will come over thinking that there is story … and there isn’t.

Where would I be without Traf .. etc?

They’ve been very good to me – in terms of posts and visitors -  but I would much rather that I had never heard of them, much rather Compagnie Tommy had never been formed and much rather the scandalous dumping of waste had never happened but it did and the full truth needs to come out.  Enough of this.  This post is NOT about them.

Busy and with more busyness to come and some hassle, possibly lots of that, before my head hits the pillow.

A busy day but nice for that.


  1. Sometimes busy is best. And Trafuckura can fig off, if you see what I mean. These people are the worst of the world, although the actual people, individually, are probably mostly ok, it's when they sell their souls to the company and the worship of greed. Ah well, nobody wants to buy my soul, thank goodness... though I would possibly consider a good bid...