Wednesday, 24 March 2010



How are you?  You’ve been visiting quite a lot recently as has your “neighbour”, although (s)he hasn’t been around for a few days - mainly Trafigura posts.

I’m delighted to have you visit as often as you do although you do screw up my visitor stats in a positive way.  Every page you look at logs you as a unique visitor:  probably you don’t have cookies enabled.  Not a problem though.  Just inflates my stats.

IP Address [Label IP Address]
Country          United Kingdom
Region            London
City               London
ISP                Customer Allocation - Internet Service

There’s just one thing.  Sometimes you visit me by doing a Google search for “Callum Carr”.  I know it’s not my real name but there is only one “L” in my Calum.

If you could switch to the proper spelling that would be great.

Surprisingly, if you search for “Callum Carr” as you do I am No. 1 hit on Google.

If you use “Calum Carr” I’m third …

… but if you use “CalumCarr” as one word, as I do, I’m back to No. 1 again.

I hope you enjoy your visits.

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