Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Clumsy’s What Was This

Yesterday I posted “Clumsy’s What” with this picture
and invited readers to guess what was the original.  No-one could guess because the reality is so far from this.
It’s time now to show the original picture which is
You’re still none the wiser, are you?
Let me explain.  I took a photo at night  - out a bedroom window as is normal for me – looking over parts of Edinburgh.  The lights are actually street lights and I was unable to hold the camera still.  The “monkey” shapes show the movement of the camera repeated for each and every light.
How did I get to the top photo?  Quite easily but I have neither added nor removed anything from the picture.  All I have done is to repeatedly tweak some of the software controls.


  1. strangely it DOES look like what I see when I look at a point of light without my contact lenses. light shows and firework displays are the only things that loo good to someone with keratoconus!

  2. I thought the basic shape might have been a recorded trace of your golf swing with a torch fitted to the clubhead and a long exposure time. Maybe you should try that though. I await the "Pedestrian hit on head by torch that fell from the night sky" headline in the Evening News.

  3. My swing might resemble the basic shape but a very short exposure would be needed.

    Have you played Alex yet?

    May I suggest you check in later. There may be something of interest.

  4. Jams Sorry to hear this. Had to look it up. Very uncommon apparently but that's meaningless to you.

  5. Yes I played Big Alex last week and I beat him rather heavily by 5 and 3 (for the uninitiated that's me 5 holes in the lead with only 3 left to play, rendering his situation irretrievable); but I was too polite to mention it, until you asked. I have promised him there will be a post up on my blog if and when he ever beats me. He said "Never mind a post - I'm going to start a whole new website devoted to that victory." ... If and when Alex... If and when...

  6. So where did the pink cushion/heart come from???

  7. Some of the tweaks I made must have given a reddish tinge which other tweaks magnified until the heart / cushion appeared. No other image was inserted.