Sunday, 7 March 2010


Death is the one certainty: every second of every day death visits and leaves with another.  Rich or poor, good or evil, all will wander off holding death’s hand.

For Debbie Phillips, death visited in February this year - one of many visited that day.  Her family grieved as families do and her daughter, Sarah, sang a beautiful song into her mobile phone.

Sarah’s words finish off the story.

“I recorded this into my mobile phone in my bedroom on the 10th February 2010, the evening my mother, Debbie Phillips, died of cervical cancer. Family friend, Charlie Mole, subsequently added the musical accompaniment. This was played as a tribute at her funeral on 25th February. Cervical cancer has for a long time been the 'poor relation' of other cancers. The Debbie Phillips Cervical Cancer Research Fund has been set up as part of the UCL Cancer Research Trust to fund research into the detection and treatment of cervical cancer. The link will take you to a site which will enable you to make a donation to the fund. If you like my song please make a donation.

Copy and paste this link to donate: OJECT_CODE=P11”

[The Telegraph has a fuller report]


  1. very beautiful, what a wonderful tribute to her mother.

  2. Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
    Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
    For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow
    Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
    From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
    Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,
    And soonest our best men with thee do go,
    Rest of their bones, and soul's delivery.
    Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
    And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
    And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well
    And better than thy stroke; why swell'st thou then?
    One short sleep past, we wake eternally
    And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.

    John Donne (1572 - 1631)