Saturday, 6 March 2010

Donal, Where’s Your Troosers?

Anyone seen Donal today?  Is he hiding?  Come on, Donal, you’re not normally shy?  Standing on the rooftops spouting forth is your natural ground, so what has happened?

I know the Guardian has written about you, your blog and the YBF and there’s no doubt in my mind that the article is timed to hurt the Conservatives.  Why am I so sure?  You have ranted for long enough to have been “picked up” and “exposed” a long time before now.  Given your public political role and your private views, made public in your blog, I’m sure you’re not surprised by the article. 

Is that reason enough for you to remove your blog from public view or have you been advised to remove it?

I don’t care, Donal.  

I miss you.  Well, I miss your blog. 

I want you back SOON not because I agree with your views but rather because your posts bring me a daily smile.  I don’t want to be forced to find your old posts and, therefore, old smiles sitting in Google’s cache and your posts are very visible and still very risible there: no passwords needed.

Come back soon, Donal, and tell us more about your world views. 

We on the left appreciate your views and your help.  You lift our spirits.

May you continue to assail us, but ridicule yourself, with your shock-jock posts.


  1. Who is Donal? Never heard of him and of course your link just leads to a "private blog message"

  2. Oh, OK, I see the Guardian link explains.

  3. Andrew If you search Google by typing hte following into the search box:


    you will get every all recent posts plus each month's archives. The Google record of these posts can be viewed by clicking on cached.

    If you were also to add a space and then any search term you will find relevant posts and clicking cached shows the Google record of the post.

  4. I can't say t was a blog I ever enjoyed...

  5. Me neither,Jams. I flicked over every now and again just to see what bile he was dripping.