Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dunkeld by Phone

Yesterday I ended up in Dunkeld.  Well, I didn’t just end up there: there was a reason for being in the area but, after lunch, I stopped there for a lovely coffee and a walk by the river – River Tay.  For a few hours the weather was abs. glorious and I was by the river then.

Peace, the river bubbling gently by and the sun warming all and everything. 

No camera, though, other than my phone and so it had to be.

This is the best.


This captures the three qualities I mentioned earlier:

peace; the river bubbling gently by and the sun warming all and everything.


  1. Dunkeld is nice, as is the road from Dunkeld to Blairgowrie, past the several wee lochs, which I often travelled in my youth.

  2. Yes it is. I travelled that road yesterday too and, had I taken my binoculars, I would have stopped at the Loch of the Lowes Reserve.

  3. Ah.. Calum. They have binoculars available, chained up in the wee wooden hide looking towards the Osprey nest - at least they did last time I was in it, tho' that was a few years ago. My future Dad took my future Mum to Butterstone loch for a spot of wooing after they met and doubtless a bit of whispering of sweet nothings, such as "How's about you and me getting together and making Andrew Scott?" It's a great part of the world.

  4. Well it does look lovely and peaceful :-)