Saturday, 13 March 2010

Europe’s Number One Blog

I noticed that the doyen of British political tabloid blogging – Mr Dale – claims that his blog is now Europe’s No. 1.  He may well have his facts correct this time and the claim carries much more weight because Wikio’s blog has the story. Had the result come from an organisation with which Mr Dale has associations then doubt and mystery would have surrounded his claim but, unfortunately, there can be no doubt.

What a sad day! 

The smug become smugger; the bugs become buggers; the hams become hammers!

Mr Dale whose blog is to quality as Lord Ashcroft’s earnings are to HMRC is undoubtedly a worthy winner   :(   but also a reminder that pap “sells”.

Were I in his position I would remain quiet and dignified; not qualities one expects to see at his home; not qualities one sees at his home.  But I’m not in that position and, therefore, I don’t need to remain quiet and dignified.  I can go and cry in my coffee and throw my toys around.

I need to be satisfied with:

Europe's Number One Blog written by CalumCarr !!!!

Note: I make no link to his blog.  He’s far too successful already.


  1. I think I am probably the real winner Mr Carr. But I am too shy to mention it. Also 'dognified'... ahem..

  2. Had I remembered about you I would never have written the post. Sorry, I am dog-tired but also bitchy, catty and feel like taken a bite a someone's ankles