Sunday, 28 March 2010

Front End, Back End

Like the pantomime cow this bison looks as though he’s made up of two parts.  The back and front ends don’t match.

Who do you think is in the front end and who in the back end?


I think the back end could be Blair: hiding behind a big bad bastard.

The front end -  Sir Alex Ferguson: do NOT mess with me.

Can you do better?


  1. Looks like a daft cow that's got stuck up the backside of a big awkward oaf, so may I suggest Harriet Harman and Gordon Brown?

  2. Andrew's comment makes me think of Tessa Jowell! But there again I am a bit biased at the moment.

  3. If the back end was Blair then the front end would be old two jabs Prescott I suppose