Friday, 26 March 2010

Got It This Time

After 2 failed attempts I’ve finally got a photo which is I / me …. whatever.

You’ll notice that I’m unshaven with a glaikit look. This all ties in with what you know about me already.

Here you go then.


Sorry that you had to find out my true likeness.


  1. well now
    let me see

    the first picture today was the old trick of vaseline smeared on the lens

    the second one, you have bought that Lomo camera at last

    but this one is your cleverest trick - you conjured up the ghost of Andy Warhol to take the picture for you

  2. You look like you are being beamed up by aliens!!!

    Be afraid, very afraid!!

  3. CP No aliens! This is Calum: the faceless wonder! Either this or my camera is as stressed as I am!

    JD All tricks of the trade involving no lubricants, special cameras or ghosts.

    It's the way I process them!

  4. You need a haircut (or am I just jealous?)

  5. I needed a haircut then but not now. Well, possibly I do again.

    I don't know and don't care. Clearly looks are unimportant to me.

  6. Wow this is exactly how I imagined you Calum

  7. Thanks, Jams, I'll remember that! :)

  8. Imagine the scene as I sat opposite him in a cafe Jams! People tried not to stare, and I pretended not to notice.

  9. ... But stare they did - as I did ... at the very strange "man" opposite me.

    Now, Jams, it's decision time. Whom do you believe - Andrew or me?

    Think carefully before you answer this, my friend!