Wednesday, 24 March 2010

High Praise for Clumsy’s Art

No, it isn’t, wasn’t, but was mocking in a pleasant and light-hearted way!

What was?   Hold on, I’ll tell you and show you.

Just under a week a go an Anonymous left a comment on my first official “Clumsy’s Art” post here.  In that post I showed a normal photograph taken looking down Loch Craignish from Ardfern and then the tweaked Clumsy’s picture – shown below.


My mysterious commenter said,

“Now I know how JoLoMo gets his colour ideas :)

In my ignorance I didn’t know who JoLoMo was and so I followed the link which didn’t tell me.  A Google search showed JoLoMo was John Lowrie Morrison  - one of Scotland’s best loved contemporary artists.  Well that is what his own website says!

I then found a slideshow of his paintings of Crinan and its surroundings which is very close, as the crow flies, to Loch Craignish.  You can view that slideshow here or if you prefer click on this link

I can see what my commenter meant but I think I’m just a teeny weeny bit behind JoLoMo in technique.

Of course, you may think differently.

PS JoLoMo’s paintings are brill.


  1. when I saw JoLoMo I first thought it might have been referring to Lomo cameras but no....
    There again the paintings do have a similar colour cast to Lomo photos

  2. I'd never heard of Lomo cameras either.

    There is only one "Clumsy"