Monday, 22 March 2010

Highwaymen Times Three

Times 1

The original Highwaymen singing “Michael” 2007.

Times 2 and 3

The Highwaymen  - Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Johnnie Cash"! - singing “Highwayman” (1990)


  1. I fell asleep half way through the first one (they didn't look very Highwaymanly)
    but the second clip woke me up.... and how!

  2. I know "Michael" is a bit slow but it was one of our early 45s.

    The other vid - magic

  3. one of our early 45s??????


    was that you?

    if so I apologise for saying you didn't look Highwaymanly.

    here, have a bonny lassie as compensation

  4. No, JD! "one of our early 45s" I meant this was one of the records we bought soon after we got out first record player!!!! :) Hee hee

    No apologies needed then!

    Not only a bonnie lassie" but a very very very bonnie lassie and a lovely tune to have with my first coffee.

    Thanks again, JD. You keep sending me these great links.