Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Is This Related to Andrew?

Andrew at his “Life’s Science” blog tells stories of his masters in the sky.

I wonder if this squint-eyed monster is of his race.


Are you one of them, Andrew, or do you just serve them?

We need to know!


  1. I decide what you need to know, not you. As for me, I know more than you may think.

  2. By the way Calum, who said anything about "Masters"? That's the problem with humans - always jumping to conclusions and inventing things that aren't there, while all the time ignoring what is there, and is so obvious. Sigh... Are they really worth the effort, I wonder?

  3. Andrew, you keep changing your story. masters, taking for samples.

    Just tell us! Show us!

    Who are they? What do they look like? Let's see the real you and not your human-like exterior.

    Bet you can't!

  4. I decide what others see of me, so hush, no instructions from you... All in good time, perhaps... First, you'll need to beat me at golf with your ancient silvery sabres...

  5. You said,

    "I decide what others see of me".

    Given what I have seen of you that's a good idea but may I suggest that, normally, you minimise your exposure.

    There are times however and this is one when, for scientific purposes only, your full exposure is required.

    In the interests of safety no-one should see all of you. Many should each see only a very small, but different, part of you. Then we'll put the whole together which will be shocling enough.