Tuesday, 23 March 2010

JD’s Choice 2

JD is a regular visitor and commenter although I know nothing about him other than JD is Scottish and male …. and has a similar taste in music to me.  Every so often he leaves a Youtube link and every time I’ve loved the music.  It was JD who left the link to the MountnMonkeys.

Last night he left me this from Celtic Connections 2010!

New to me but absolutely fabulous.

I hope you like this too.

Thanks, JD!


  1. Carlos Nuñez plays the Galician version of the bagpipes (they are not designated as a weapon of war as far as I know)
    Check the other video of him at Celtic Connections and he plays a flute alongside three Scots bagpipers.

    And then there is this which features the Asturian bagpipes -


    When I worked in Bilbao many years ago I found out that Asturias has their own Celtic music festival in July but I wasn't there long enough to get along to Oviedo to enjoy it.

  2. Found another from Carlos Nuñez called Amanecer (dawn)


    ...which has this in the comments-
    >>cuando tenga que morirme, quiero escuchar algo que me reconforte. Quiero escuchar esta pieza y el sonido del mar<<
    (When I must die, I want to hear something which will comfort me. I want to listen to this piece and hear the sound of the sea)

  3. Really really good. You strike gold again.