Monday, 15 March 2010

JD’s Choice

JD has recently started to leave comments here, (s)he lives in Scotland but has no online profile.  Last week JD left me a link in a comment, I followed it, spilt my coffee and tied my legs in knots.

Tonight you have the opportunity to see how the music, which crippled me, affects you:  Ricky Skaggs and The Chieftains with two songs - Cindy, and Cotton-Eyed Joe.



Thanks, JD.


  1. Hope I didn't do too much damage, I know you need your legs for running(?) up those Munros outside your window.
    Isn't YouTube wonderful. A juke box in every home.
    Here's another wee gem - I have no idea who they are but I like their style-

    who needs the telly when you can sit in the kitchen and do this.

    (it's a he by the way but not Jerry Douglas despite the tag)

  2. You weren't trying to do that dance were you?

  3. Of course I was CherryPie. I'm a JollyDancer don't you know.

  4. I'm still untangling myself.

    Thanks for the other link, JD.