Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More Trafigura

After my 3 very recent posts about Trafigura (1, 2 and 3) I’ve returned to asking Trafigura for the papers they have so far refused to release.

In January I asked for the Trafigura Reply in BBC libel case
and the  WSP environmental audit report based in and around Abidjan.  Despite many many reminders nothing was forthcoming but now with the publication on Wikileaks of the BBC case there is more reason than ever for Trafigura to put their side.

This is the email I sent earlier today.

“Dear Mr Cameron and Dear Sirs (of Press Office)

In January this year I asked that Trafigura forward to me two documents each of which Trafigura's website stated was available on request.  I have received none.  In fact, all I have received is "web silence" other than one standard holding response.  The papers I asked for were:

-  the WSP audit report of the environmental impact of the disposal of the Probo Koala waste in and around Abidjan

-  the Trafigura Reply in the BBC libel case.

Once again I ask that you send me copies of these papers. 

The publication of the BBC Case on Wikileaks presents an incredibly damning picture of Trafigura and it is this picture which readers will remember and which will continue to tarnish Trafigura's reputation.  That the BBC settled "out-of-court" doesn't necessarily invalidate all their claims: they may have made a mistake over claiming that deaths occurred because of the unsafe disposal of the waste but there is an immense amount of detail which damns Trafigura and its advisers.  Without Trafigura's response there is no balance and, so, this is an opportunity for Trafigura to provide that balance.  You may feel that Trafigura will be damned whether it responds or not: you may be right but keeping your head down and hoping this will go away is a PR disaster.  Trafigura would be much better off publishing its information starting with the two documents I have requested.

In fact the best decision Trafigura could make is to publish all documentation, describe what happened and why, recognise and apologise for its mistakes and vow to move on to higher standards.  I fear we will disagree on the best course of action.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely


Will I get a different response this time?

I doubt it but ………


  1. Again I'm glad you're keeping up the good work Calum

  2. They must be getting sick of you now. Keep it up.

  3. Somehow I doubt they will be sick enough. I believe the papers will stay firmly stuck unless someone goes to the High Court. Given that the BBC case has come out it may well be that the Trafigura papers have also been released legally from the High Court to an interested party. If I had gone to the court I would have asked for papers from both sides.

    We shall see.