Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee with Carlos Nunez

Another departure for the show: I’ve concentrated on British, Irish and American performers but today we go to Spain.

I hadn’t heard of Carlos Nunez until last week but after a wee bit of research and lots of listening I can say quite safely that he is a virtuoso on the pipes – not the uilleann or Scottish bagpipes but on Galician pipes.

Let’s go straight into some music where he shows his prodigious talents.  Don’t forget your coffee but this is a very high tempo show so put your coffee somewhere safe when you’re listening.


Jigs and Bulls



I should say also that for most of the videos I don’t know what tunes are being played.

Galicia is at the extreme North-west corner of Spain.  I must admit that I had never heard of it before but that’s probably not surprising.

Galicia There seems to be some dispute as to whether Galician music has Celtic roots but what isn’t in doubt is that there is now a strong link which has allowed Galician folk music access to a much wider audience.  Carlos Nunez has both taken advantage of this link and intensified it.

We see evidence of this in the next video.

Irish Dance Set  (with the Chieftains)

There is a phenomenal (drum) solo from 1m 37s to 3m 04s.



I’ll give you a wee break so that you can untangle your legs while you listen to a slow tune.

Gabriel’s Oboe

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a performance video.

You’ll have noticed that the Galician pipes are less harsh than their Scottish brother.



I hope you’re all sorted out now because we go off with another fast one which has Celtic roots.

Untitled       (with Donal Lunny, Sharon Shannon & Noilaig Casy)


The Irish theme continues with another Nunez  - Chieftains combo and a slightly slower tempo.

Muiñeira de Chantada


Cups, mugs safely down please before we move on.  Serious risk of an accident unless you sit very still.

Glass of Beer / The Clumsy lover / The Gravel Walk

Amazing!  Out of this world!

And we’re not finished yet!


El Otro Finisterre

This sounds vaguely anthemic. but is gorgeous.


Just two more to go and we stay with Spanish music now.


Beauty.  Simple!


Unfortunately time has caught up with us once again and I have only one more piece to play for you.  I hope you enjoy this.



Virtuoso!!!!  Absolutely fabulous.


Almost every week I discover music and artists new to me and I love sharing my music with you.  I hope you enjoyed today’s Spanish – Celtic show.

Well, that’s it for another week. I’m off to listen to this music again.   I hope you enjoyed your coffee and the music.   Tune in again next week and thanks for listening.


  1. Ah, five bars into Carlos and I could see the attraction.

    Finistere - I've just put that in my third book as a rewritten destination at the end.

  2. The Galician bagpipes (gaita) and those of Asturias are, as you say, less harsh than the Scottish version. As far as I know they are neither of them declared as weapons of war by the UN :)

    A comment below one of the videos on YouTube declares that Nuñez is the 'Paco de Lucia de la Gaita' which is high praise indeed. You will see why if you watch Paco de Lucia playing flamenco guitar.