Monday, 15 March 2010

Trafigura: Amsterdam

Last week the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that the city of Amsterdam must face full responsibility for failing to supervise the Probo Koala whose waste was later dumped in and around Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The article, from Radio Netherlands Worldwide, continues

“Part of the cargo was initially accepted for processing by Amsterdam Port Services but the company then decided not to accept the waste and pumped it back into the ship's hold.

Amsterdam Port Services, the Probo Koala's captain and the cargo ship's owner, the Trafigura company, also face prosecution for allegedly breaching local laws governing waste export.

Dutch prosecutors have sought to hold the city of Amsterdam responsible for "ridding itself" of what turned out to be dangerous waste being offloaded from the Probo Koala in Amsterdam - by ordering that it be pumped back into the ship to be taken elsewhere.”

I await the future prosecutions with interest.


  1. Strange that the Coty of Amsterdam is held guilty for Trafigura's actions. I wonder what the law is in this case

  2. I assume it's knowingly letting the waste be exported from Amsterdam.