Saturday, 10 April 2010

Avaricious Bastards

I’m ahead of the politicians!

Three days ago I posted about the business leaders who attacked the proposed rise in National Insurance Contributions.  I said,

“I wouldn’t trust any of these avaricious bastards who lead companies nor would I trust any of these rich Tory bastards who will give more, much more, to all of these avaricious bastards who lead companies.”

and in today’s Guardian, Vince Cable says,

“I just find it utterly nauseating all these chairmen and chief executives of FTSE companies being paid 100 times the pay of their average employees lecturing us on how we should run the country. I find it barefaced cheek."

Well done, Vince, but you should have followed my lead and been stronger.

Vince, they are “avaricious bastards”.

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  1. Well said Vince Cable. To save, perhaps a few jobs in the private sector, the tories will cut 40,000 in the public sector. Go figure!