Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bad Start, Davie Boy

Cameron got the Tories’ election campaign off to, at best, an inauspicious start and, at worst, a downright shameful start.

He has already been criticised for missing out gay people from his list of “the great ignored” but other groups too are very noticeable by their absence.

What Cameron said was,

“Let me tell you who I'm fighting the election for. It's for the people I call the great ignored.

They may be black or white, rich or poor, they may live in the town or country. They work hard. They set up businesses, they set up factories, they teach our children they keep our streets safe. They obey the law, they pay the taxes. They do the right thing. they are the honest hard working people in the country.”

Who else did he exclude? 

For whom is he not fighting the election?

Davie boy, what about the homeless, the helpless, those who can’t work, those who are physically or mentally ill, those considered to be lowest of the low, the “wasters” as many call them, the underclass? 

Surely, you want to make life better for them?

Are they not the neediest of all?

Do you not fight for them, Davie?

Clearly not.

The Tories = no place for the weakest in society.

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